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Using Creative Writing to Shitpost

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  • Using Creative Writing to Shitpost

    Something is amiss when Daenerys arrives at her apartments.

    She glides through the door, open ajar and clearly broken into. Past opened cabinets, and by dressers, their contents once neatly kept inside, now strewn about, laying on the floor, and half-out of their places. Daenerys furrows her brow as she quickens her pace, going back to her bedroom. It is in a similar state of disarray.

    She lands in the chair at her desk, and her computer monitor bursts to life from the commotion. The computer was already on. Panic and anger fight to dominate her features. She knows something has been taken from her. She opens a new tab, and goes to the familar site. Daenerys tries the link to what was her favorite place these past few months. She waits for the page to load, exhaling quickly. Panic seems like it may win control of her. Then the page stops loading, and the browser shows a standard 404 page. Panic loses her, and anger takes over.

    Her handmaidens come in, an inquiry to Daenerys's wellbeing on their lips. As they do so, she stands up abruptly, knocking over the chair. She grabs a stack of papers on the table next to her, and throws it, adding it to the heaps on the floor. The handmaidens grow silent, and Daenerys shouts a single demand: