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Star Wars: Squadrons video game

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  • Star Wars: Squadrons video game

    Anyone else planning on getting this game?

    I've been playing Elite Dangerous (VR) since like 2014 and, using Voice Attack, have added my own music and ship "interactions" to make it StarWars-like. When you go into the mission store, the cantina band music plays. When you go into a dog fight, Here They Come! plays throughout the battle. When you're approaching a space station for docking, the death star approach plays. When you go into hyperspace, Asteroid Field plays. As you depart from a space station, Imperial March plays. When you issue commands, R2 responds an acknowledgement, etc.

    But having a proper VR Star Wars game is really exciting. Let's hope they don't drop the ball on this also. 😓

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    I haven't looked into it at all. I know it's a thing, but that's really it. Hopefully it's good.